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Outsourcing Social Media Advertising vs. Clicking Boosted Ads

Outreach on social media, simple as the click of a button? It seems that simple with Facebook's feature of “Boosted Ads”. But while paying to reach a further audience on self-created, in house advertisements seems like a quick and effective fix it is not always beneficial to your company.

Boosted Ads are tailored by Facebook to be a simple way for businesses to reach their target market while neglecting the Ads Manager function which provides many more objectives and opportunities to create unique ad experiences.

An ad agency is tailored to understanding how to manipulate resources on social media sites such as Facebook to benefit their client’s business. Being that their sole purpose is to understand the different tools available on various social media platforms they are able to provide unparalleled services. Such as the utilization of hashtags and other technique to increase interaction with posts as well as traffic on a business’s Facebook page.

A few benefits of outsourcing your Advertising to an Ad Agency include:

  • Sophisticated Advertising – High Production quality

  • Objectivity and Creative mindset

  • Results Driven

Hiring an ad agency allows your company to outsource some ideas and get some fresh minds into the marketing behind a product/company without complexly losing control of the situation.

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