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Southtown 101 Michelada Bar

Everyone’s familiar with an ice-cream bar, nacho bar, mac & cheese bar etc. but have you ever heard of a Michelada Bar? If you’re one whose down to try something new and out of your comfort zone head over to Southtown 101 for a chance to try it out for yourself!

Before we go any further, you’re probably wondering what makes this drink so unique? Well it’s definitely not your average cold one if that’s what you were thinking. A Michelada was first introduced in Mexico, prepared in a chilled salt-rimmed glass filled with beer, lime juice, hot sauce, spices, and peppers. Crazy spin huh?

General Manager Roxie Monroe, hosted a Michelada Bar at Southtown 101 where an assortment of toppings were offered and picked at the customers desire. Roxie also met with local beer vendors and was able to feature select beers for the crowd. This gave them the opportunity to create and personalize their Michelada to fit their individual taste preferences and fulfill their level of heat.

After two weeks of testing out the bar, the crowd went wild for these spicy chelas! The event, "A Whole-Lotta Michelada," was introduced.

Our team at Valamayo Social approached producers from SA Live where they sent out a video photographer to feature Southtown 101's Michelada Bar and Restaurant.

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