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  • Devina Saez

How Valamayo Social is Helping Small Businesses Succeed

No successful business can truly thrive on its own and there are many moving parts that build a company into an impactful influence on its’ community. Becoming a strong force in in your business can be simple with a dedicated and passionate team like Valamayo Social & Digital Marketing.

Valamayo Social was inspired by the ideas of

Fernando Tamayo. While working in the automotive industry, he noticed that peers and coworkers were always asking him for advice on how to market using social media outlets. He found himself giving out

this advice freely and soon realized the huge

demand for this type of service.

Having this marketing perspective allows Valamayo Social to recognize that small businesses needed to compete with larger corporations, and understood that growing companies need reasonable budgets for an excellent value. Valamayo Social is ready and willing to work with your business if it means we have the opportunity to help you grow.

Unlike other Marketing sources, we eliminate the middleman. With larger agencies, a salesman will take your information, pass it along for another party to do the work and the content often gets lost in translation. With us, you only work directly with your representative! This direct communication frees you from any extra costs you have to pay to other parties. We do it all for you.

We've seen other agencies take advantage of smaller businesses and have watched them fail because they never have their best interest in mind. We are a small business helping small businesses and our mission is to exceed your expectations. By helping you succeed, we succeed. Valamayo Social strives to establish an environment where both of our visions are always aligned.

“I never want to push the smaller guy aside for the multi-million-dollar company.”

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